Servizio Taxi sulla Francigena e assistenza

Taxi Francigeno ed Assistance

Via Francigena is a path to be done on foot.
Sometimes there may be a need to reach the starting place of your Way.
Or at the end of the stage it may be necessary to reach the train or bus station to get back home.
It may be interesting to make a detour to reach a place of interest.

The Mediterrraid Cammina Association has a seven-seater off-road vehicle for every eventuality.

Even more, the "Taxi and Assistance" service may be useful in the unfortunate hypothesis that an emergency may arise.
A small accident, a malaise or excessive tiredness, a strong thunderstorm or a wrong route.

These are all events that may require the intervention of our seven-seater off-road vehicle driven by those who know the area well and who will immediately understand your location on the route.

The "Taxi and Assistance" service provided by the Mediterraid Cammina Association can be requested via an email to: or by calling the emergency numbers +39 3382868402 and +39 3316004982.


Papa Francesco, Giubileo e Via Francigena

Via Francigena e Giubileo 2016

Dio è sempre una sorpresa e dunque non sai mai dove e come lo trovi.
Dio lo incontri “camminando”.

Papa Francesco 2014