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The most important thing is the shoes.
They must be not too heavy but equipped with a good anti-slip sole. Better if low and made of breathable material.
For those who are used to it, athletic shoes are also good if they have a sufficiently clawed sole.
The important thing is that they are not brand new and never tried before!
If you buy them for the occasion, consider at least a few hours walk to try them (and soften them) before leaving. If you have any doubts, also bring a pair of spare shoes to be left in the main baggage.

The day of departure you will need to have a light backpack with you for a day of walking,
that is: a sweatshirt, a light but waterproof jacket like K-Way or a cape (important that it is waterproof), shorts, pocket knife, sunscreen, hat, pocket light.
The bottle can be replaced by plastic water bottles that you buy every day, we recommend a minimum of one liter per head. Even the sandwiches will be bought every day.

Main Luggage.
On the day of departure we will take charge of your main baggage containing the spare parts, the necessary for the shower and personal hygiene, the sleeping bag and all that you feel you need.
The sleeping bag (or sack sheet) is not always necessary but must be worn.
Along the way you will come across towns and shops where, if necessary, you will be able to buy what you have forgotten. & Nbsp;
The baggage that you deliver to us must be equipped with a name plate with your name, surname and telephone number (preferably mobile). It is recommended to prepare a single package that does not have externally hung objects.
For each person there is only one piece of luggage, a trolley that is not too big is preferable, but a bag or a backpack is also fine. You will find this baggage every day at your arrival at the end of the stage at the hostel that will welcome you.


Papa Francesco, Giubileo e Via Francigena

Via Francigena e Giubileo 2016

Dio è sempre una sorpresa e dunque non sai mai dove e come lo trovi.
Dio lo incontri “camminando”.

Papa Francesco 2014