associazione meditteraid cammina

Mediterraid Cammina Association

Mediterraid Cammina Association takes care of the Via Francigena with passion and respect for its long history and the nature.
The association through its Facebook page - Via Francigena Viterbo Roma - plans walking tours and provides assistance.
A Way lives if someone takes care of him.
The association renovates the path markings, organizes cleaning days, take care of the vegetation invading the paths along the Via Francigena between the cities of Viterbo and Rome.
People in touch with us are constantly present in the territory and detect in real time any problem raising along the Way.
The activity described above is voluntary, but to do everything we need resources.
The Association Mediterraid supports the activity costs participating in public tenders, organizing “Cammini”, and mostly counts on the private resources of the members.
The Way is a material road but it is also a journey into emotions.
The road must be marked, clean, safe and free from obstructions.
Emotions come from love and respect for the environment, from knowledge of history and art, from the sharing of fatigue and rest.
The Via Francigena welcomes everybody since its history starts.
Along the Via Francigena there are traces of the passage of the peoples of every age and of every social class, from the poor pilgrims to the rich dignitaries, from the soldiers to the brigands, from the poets to the illiterates.
The association Mediterraid Cammina is careful to enhance these traces and this intangible and priceless value.

The Mediterraid association was founded in October 2004 on the initiative of Antonello Fratoddi, who is currently the President and other people who believed in the project.
The Association's social purpose is the frequentation and enhancement of the Great Ways of Communication.
The organs of the Mediterraid Association are: the President, the Vice-President, the Board of Directors and the Ordinary Members.
The registered office is in Via della Rocca, 57 - 00063 Campagnano di Roma - Fiscal Code: 97395080589 Telephone numbers: (0039) 3382868402 / (0039) 3316004982 Email:

Papa Francesco, Giubileo e Via Francigena

Via Francigena e Giubileo 2016

Dio è sempre una sorpresa e dunque non sai mai dove e come lo trovi.
Dio lo incontri “camminando”.

Papa Francesco 2014